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About Us

About Us
The Tuition Master provides a 1-1 tutoring service to help pupils reach their full potential.
Most commonly, tuition takes place in the comfort of the students home however if this is not suitable, a local public space can be arranged.
We recognize and favor that each student is an individual;
With The Tuition Master there is a guarantee that the tutor will not only be trained in their subject field but trained to listen attentively to pupils needs and adjust their teaching style in a way that is beneficial for each student.  

Based in Croydon Surrey.

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How does The Tuition Master ensure my child's safety?

All tutors are DBS checked.
Tutors are also required to have a good level of social skills to ensure the best tuition service. 

Where does tuition occur?

Tuition takes place within the comfort of the student's own home however
if this is not preferred, tuition can also take place at a local library or a local space.

How can I ensure my child will get the best out of their tuition sessions?

Before any tuition, each tutor is required to find out the students immediate academic requirements.
From this a schedule is created to ensure that all aspects are covered;
There are small monthly examinations to track progress and weekly homework to be completed.

The Tuition Master also provides a 24/7 service, whereby if there are any questions during the week, all tutors will be happy to help before the next session.

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