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About Us

The Tuition Master is a private tuition company which offers one-one and group tuition services for ages 5-18 covering a wide range of subjects. 

We offer both remote and in-person teaching.

We recognise that each student is an individual;

Our team of tutors are knowledgable, enthusiastic and flexible. 
There is a guarantee that the tutor is able to listen attentively to pupils needs and adjust their teaching style in a way that is beneficial for each student. 

Tutoring Services

Matching every student with a professional tutor is the first step we take towards helping students reach their academic goals. Scroll below to review our services and learn about how The Tuition Master can make a difference today.

Best private tuition services - The Tuition Master

Online Tutoring

Our interactive online lessons provide full accessibility.  

Best private tuition services - The Tuition Master

In-person teaching

Lessons can take place in the comfort of your own home or a public space, ie. library.

Best private tuition services - The Tuition Master

Exam Preparation

Our tutors identify and target any learning gaps to ensure students are exam confident. 

"Cherise is a great tutor who put my daughter at ease and helped improve her confidence with her mathematics."


"Tutoring is great. I always feel I learn something new out of the lessons and understand topics better."


"I would recommend this service to all parents. In my last minute panic for 13+, the tutor delivered just what my son needed."


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