Our Mission

There is no denying that one of the main factors behind the world's biggest problems is the lack of education.
Schools can only do so much and with a class of 30, 'so much', is not enough for the majority of children.
This majority can find themselves missing out on endless opportunities with a low self-esteem.
The Tuition Master aims to not only ensure student's reach (if not exceed) their target grades,
but provide encouragement and 24/7 support. This is why The Tuition Master primarily employs students.
Students whom have achieved the highest grades; to teach, mentor and provide an exemplar.

The Tuition Master's main mission is to provide equal opportunities to all students; those who are top of their class and need to be pushed and those whom are falling behind. We understand that schools struggle to balance between the two in one classroom.
Equal opportunities doesn't just cover intelligence however, we understand that financially, tuition can be extremely pricy, hence why we are labelled as affordable tuition.