How does The Tuition Master ensure my child's safety?

All tutors are DBS checked and verified. 
Tutors are selectively chosen based on their academic and interpersonal skills. 

Where does tuition occur?

We offer an online tuition service.
Or an in-home service; a local space such as a library is also an option.

How often should lessons occur?

This is strongly dependent on the student and the subject. 
On average, students have 1-2 hours per week per subject, with an increase towards exams. 
If you're studying for a grammar school, there is a minimum of 2 hours per week requirement.

What results can I expect?

Tutors are dedicated to working hard with both parents and students to ensure the best outcomes possible.
Check out our testimonials to hear from both parents and students about their experience and results.

How can I ensure my child will get the best out of their tuition sessions?

All tutors will assess the students immediate academic requirements.

From this, a schedule is created to ensure all target areas are met. 

There are small topic tests and regular homework to be completed.

The Tuition Master also provides a 24/7 service, whereby if there are any questions during the week, all tutors will be happy to help before the next session.

How do I receive the subsidised tuition rate?

If you're in receipt of housing benefit, you will be eligible for the subsidised rate. Just mention this in your contact form. Proof is required.

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